Human imagination has no limits, and we unlimit it ourselves. Interior and design, harmony, framed with beauty and perfection by people with the highest taste and vivid imagination. Combining style and demand, we provide our customers with high quality and environmentally friendly products that are already awarded a lot of attention and took their own place in the market. And the increasing demand for our products and trust towards our company come to prove this. We appreciate this and express our deepest gratitude to all those who trust our company and who will choose us as partners in the future. Your demands will help us achieve the best results, and we hope to please our customers with a range of steadily expanding and high quality products.

“Poli-Serv” LLC has been established in 2001. It produces profiles from plastic, which are used in interior and repairing works. Although it’s short working practice, it  has a broad assortment of production, which have great demand in our country and abroad. “Poli-Serv” LLC participated in a various exhibitions in Armenia. We are planning to produce polymer film and sheet from polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and a wide assortment of disposable containers for packaging.